Installing Amibroker Data Feed

Simple steps for installing Amibroker Data feed in Windows

Follow these simple steps for installing amibroker live data feed on your windows operating system. Installation is very simple, still you are struck anywhere contact live support. Click Download or "Free Demo" on website. Download and install 'Setup 1' or 'Setup 2'. Follow the on screen prompts and select 'I Agree' and Click Next, next till you get the Amibroker Data Feed exe. If it asks for your registration details. Fill them and click activate. If it opens the exe directly, there are chances you have installed our exe in past and used the trial or Paid Version. Contact Live support or make payment to get the exe working. In case you get "Unable to connect. Contact Live Support" this error comes if your SQL driver is not installed. You can install the same from "C:\AmibrokerDataFeed\sqldrivers" location. for 32 bit windows install sqlncli_x86 for 64 bit windows install sqlncli_x64. Still if the error comes we are more than happy to help.