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Excellect quality Real Time Data for Amibroker. Fastest backfill with 99.96% uptime. We have been in markets from more than 10 Years. We know how to delieght our customers. Don't worry you are in safe hands. All Data Feed in 440 pm only. No Limit on number of Active Symbols Amibroker Data Feed Details

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We have been providing tick by tick realtime data to clients for more than 5 years now. Now we opended it for retail users also. Get Accurate Buy Sell Signal Alerts for Nse and MCX

Offering excellent quality Amibroker Data Feed feed for Nse Cash, Future, Index Options, Mcx Commodity and Nse Currency. Our Easy to use software is popular among users and Our prompt support makes it easy to trouble shoot and fix any issue troubling you. We have been Rated #1 for Data Feed for Amibroker. We value our clients and ready to help people who are looking to make a living out of stock market.

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